Choice CleanGear has been most effective and beneficial for all sporting equipment. Since everything is done in house, you have nothing to worry about! Your sporting equipment will be well taken care of, during the entire time it is in Choice CleanGear’s hands!


Step 1

Bag & Secure Gear

Sporting equipment is inspected, then placed into a mesh garment bag with individual pockets and secured to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged during the cleaning process. Mesh bags are tagged and labeled for proper identification.

  • Take inventory of all gear, with descriptions
  • Review and inspect all sporting gear prior to wash
  • Client will be contacted right away, if any damaged equipment is noticed during inspection

Step 2

Gear Placed in Single Bin

Once the sporting equipment is loaded into a single garment bag, it is then placed in an individual bin of the machine and secured. Items that require better agitation like jerseys are placed in individual, smaller bags for more of a tumbling action during cleaning.

  • Sporting equipment are held stationary in each compartment.
  • Placing Jerseys in separate mesh bag for a better cleaning.
  • This forces the water and detergents through the equipment for a proper cleaning.

Step 3

2 Hour Cleaning Cycle

The Esporta Wash System goes through a 4 Step Cleaning Process that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the gear and adds a signature fragrance to keep equipment smelling fresh and clean! The water temperature and speed are monitored to assure that the gear’s protected and preserved properly.

  • Hydraulic pressure also removes any issues of wear and tear on the fabrics.
  • The Esporta Wash System utilizes hydraulic action to remove both organic and inorganic contaminants in its cleaning process.
  • The four stage detergent process results in a wash medium that is pH neutral.  A neutral pH washing environment minimizes the impact on colorfastness, wear life, fabric strength and brightness retention.

Step 4

Gear Air-Dried on Racks

Although your gear is 90% dry after finishing the cleaning process in the machine, it is hung on racks and air-dried until 100% dry. Air-drying gear eliminates exposer to high heat, which prevents cracking or dry rot. This would occur if your equipment is dried in a regular dryer.

  • Once cleaning process is complete, we remove the gear immediately and hang it all up on proper racks for it to air dry
  • This helps the still damp gear to dry, correctly and right away
  • Once gear is inspected to make sure it is dried 100%, it’s then placed back in their correct equipment bag