Did you know that every time you wear your gear harmful bacteria grows inside? You may think, no way not every time. Do you sweat every time your at practice or playing in a game?

This is where Choice CleanGear comes into play! We utilize the Esporta Wash System to clean and sanitize your gear, which eliminates 99.9997% of the bacteria and other harmful contaminants hiding within your gear. Even the places that you can not see, will get clean! Don’t worry, Esporta Wash System will not deteriorate fabrics or damage hard goods, like your helmets or skates!

Certain bacteria like those shown below can be dangerous to your health, causing symptoms ranging from an itchy rash to severe skin irritations and or infections. None of which you should ignore if seen or experience.


A common type of skin infection is MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). MRSA is resistant to several antibiotics that used to cure it, which makes is dangerous. MRSA can be found in healthy areas of the body like your nose and skin. This can easily be transferred to equipment, where the bacteria can multiply in the ideal growing location of the soft, damp padding of your equipment!

This is why it is extremely important and a “MUST” to get your sporting equipment cleaned properly and frequently.