Who We Are

Choice CleanGear is a top of line sporting equipment cleaning company. We are capable of cleaning all types and brands of sporting equipment. Everything is cleaned in house! With over a half a decade of service, Choice CleanGear has established a strong and reliable relationship in the gear cleaning world!

Why Choice CleanGear

We Care

We take pride in our services but most of all, we care! We care about taking the time to get your sporting equipment cleaned, and cleaned right! We do everything in house, this gives us total control over the cleaning process. We monitor your sporting equipment from start to finish.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your sporting equipment will not only smell better, be cleaner, but it will be returned to you in better condition than when you dropped it off!

Our Technology & Cleaners

At Choice CleanGear we use state of the art Esporta Wash System, (which is clinically proven to kill 99.9997% of the harmful contaminants that is in your equipment) and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Turn Around Time

We promise to have your sporting equipment cleaned and on the way back to you in less than 72 hours of the time of drop off!