Attention All Equipment Managers, Athletic Directors and Coaches: Protect Your Image and Athletes By Providing Them With Fresh, Clean Equipment

The new school year is right around the corner. Do you have your sporting equipment ready for the upcoming season? Dirty equipment does way more than stink up your image. It is also a serious health hazard for your student athletes. Keep Your Image Clean At the end of last season was a professional cleaning…

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Don’t Stink Up Your Relationship!

There’s definitely a distinctively disgusting smell of a sporting equipment bag. If you’re brave enough to unzip it at your own peril, it contains a witch’s brew of bacteria and sweat. And worst of all, your significant other may not even allow you to bring your bag inside! Is your equipment stinking up your relationship? Then…

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What Could Be Growing in Your Gear

    Unwashed sports padding for football, lacrosse, and hockey players are the ideal breeding ground for trouble. While a strong odor after a tough game is typical, the mixture of sweat, blood, mucus, and debris provide a haven for bacteria, mold, fungus, and deadly viruses that can pose some hazardous health risks.   Do…

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